You, as a registered user (Aarqean) or unregistered user, prove your acceptance of the terms and condition stated in this Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy statement by visiting this website (Aarqee) and using its services. Aarqee reserves the rights to revise the contents in this Terms of Service any time. It is your responsibility to check this Terms of Service for updates. If you continue to access Aarqee and/or use its services after any alterations of this Terms of Service, it proves that you accept the revision of this Terms of Service and its revised terms. If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions and anything stated in this Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy mentioned above, we kindly advise you not to use and/or visit Aarqee.

Terms of Service Word Definitions

Aarqee - Also referred to as 'the website' or 'website' or 'our website'.
Aarqean - A registered user that owns an account at Aarqee.
Arq - A webpage that can look like a website that is created via Aarqee's arq creating services.
Arqist - An Aarqean that produces an Arq or Arqs.
Arqing - The action of creating an Arq.
Arqwork - A piece of work in the form of an Arq produced by an Arqist.

Permitted Uses

-A- Becoming an Aarqean

Here at Aarqee, we allow you to register to become an Aarqean and create Arqs as an Arqist. You must be at least 18 years old to produce an Arqwork. All Aarqeans are responsible for their respective Arqworks and accounts. If you find any unauthorized or suspicious activity or any form of activity that violates the terms and conditions in this Terms of Service happening in you account, please alert us at thegreataarqean@aarqee.com or, if it regards any of your Arq or Arqs, please blackmarq it/them or remove it/them by deleting it/them, and alert Aarqee at the email stated above.

You must be an Aarqean if you intend to access more services provided by Aarqee. Using another Aarqean's account is strictly disallowed unless valid permission is granted by the owner of the account. During registration, you must provide valid, accurate and complete information. Registering as an Aarqean proves that you agree to be a part of the service at your own discretion. It is also your responsibility to secure and hold confidential your account password. Should you discover any unauthorized access or use of your account, please email us to alert us.

-B- Arqing and Arqwork

You, as an Arqist, are to create Arqworks that are each of divine authenticity using our arq creating services. Using our services also, you may upload images that you can use as part of the contents of your Arqs, display links to third party websites and/or images from third party websites, and/or embed multimedia from third party websites in your Arqs. However, Arqists are fully responsible for their Arqwork and the contents of their Arqs which include text, images, videos, audios, links and any other forms of data that an Arq can possibly contain. You must make sure you have official and necessary permission to link to third party contents, and rights, which include, but not limited to, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and any other form of intellectual property rights, to the contents of your Arq.

-C- Aarqean Communication

Aarqeans can also contact other Aarqeans using the appropriate communication services provided at Aarqee and reply to messages sent to you by other Aarqeans through Aarqee's service or your own email.

-D- Aarqean Information

You are allowed to change, remove or add information from you account by editing your account information. As a part of the service, you will receive information from which include, but not limited to, account activation information, announcement about Aarqee's services, newsletters and notification concerning your Arqs. You can choose not to receive some of this information by editing the options of this service in your account.

-E- Website Access and Use

You allowed to view and post comments for Arqs. If you find any Arq that has the potential of violating or has violated the terms and conditions of this Terms Of Service, you have the right to blackmarq that Arq. If you find that the Arqist of the Arq that you blackmarqed still continues Arqing Arqs that violate or could violate the terms and conditions of this Terms of Service, you can either keep blackmarqing his/her Arqs or email us to inform us about it or both. Arqists are permitted to remove comments that they find are inappropriate to their respective Arqs or against the comment-posting terms stated herein.

You are also allowed to notify us if you find any Arqwork that violate any of the terms and conditions of this Terms of Service regarding Arqwork restrictions stated herein. Such notifications can be done by emailing us at thegreataarqean@aarqee.com. However, if you misuse this permit, we are able to terminate your use of and access to our website and its services at our discretion.

As an exception to '-B-' in the 'Rectricted and Prohibitted Uses' section below, we grant permission to public search engine services to use their search engine software to use the materials from Aarqee solely for providing publicity for these materials and making these materials searchable on the internet. Aarqee reserves the rights to revoke this exception under any appropriate circumstances.

Restricted and Prohibited Uses

-A- Arqwork

Your Arqwork must NOT have links to and/or contents that are pornographic, obscene, defamatoric, discriminating racially and/or ethnically, vulgar, for sole purposes of advertising or any sort of explicit commercial and/or business activities, privacy invading, impersonating, providing and/or promoting any information for illegal, gambling and/or criminal activities, and/or form of cruelty to animals, hateful, harassing, threatening, against the law, offensive, libelous, capable of ruining Aarqee, its services and/or any other third parties, and/or considered inappropriate by Aarqee. You must also NOT flood your Arq with links to third party websites and/or a same webpage/site, link any of your Arqs to other sites that do not have any content(s) that is/are related to the contents of your Arq and/or provide links to, and/or just provide worms or any sort of viruses in your Arq. You are also NOT allowed to provide irrelevant or excessive tags, titles, description or categorizating information for your Arq. Empty Arqs, as in Arqs that are blank, and Arqs that contain only a few words that are potentially meaningless will be banned if it remains as it is for a week after being found by any Aarqean admins, and deleted if no word about reapproval of the Arq is received from the respective Arqist for the next 3 days. While posting comments for an Arq, you must NOT use taboos, bad, obscene and/or vulgar language in your comments, spam the Arq with inappropriate comments and/or include excessive links and/or links to sites with contents that are irrelevant with your comments and/or the Arq.

Aarqee reserves the rights to remove Arqwork that contains the restricted kind of contents stated herein, and/or breaches the restrictions, also stated herein, if properly notified of the existance of such Arqwork. Aarqee also does NOT permit infringing of copyrights and/or trademarks. Your Arqwork must also NOT contain any materials that have copyrights, trademarks and/or proprietary rights that are not under your possession unless you have valid permission from their rightful owners to use them in your Arqwork. Aarqee reserves the rights to remove infringing Arqwork.

We reserve all rights to cease access of those who keep on producing Arqworks with restricted contents that are as stated above or that are infringing in any manner to Aarqee and its services without prior notice at any time. Those who are likely to encounter such reactions from Aarqee are those who still persist on producing infringing Arqwork and/or Arqwork that contains the restricted kind of contents stated herein after being notified of their violations or having their violating Arqwork removed more than twice.

-B- Service Uses and Information Data

You must NOT collect identification information belonging to other Aarqeans and distribute, disclose, and/or sell it. You must also NOT launch any kind of software that can extract infomation from Aarqee, alter, disrupt, damage and/or corrupt Aarqee's software, monitor Aarqee's services, and/or discover Aarqee's architecture. You also CANNOT hack into Aarqee or its software/services to access and alter, delete and/or modify information, and/or modify Arqworks belonging to you or other Aarqeans. You are also not allowed to utilise Aarqee's services to cause any kind of damage to other Aarqeans and/or their accounts or property, and/or disrupt their usage of Aarqee's services.

-C- Social uses

You must NOT spam other fellow Aarqeans and/or any of Aarqee's staff, acquire contact information, like email addresses of other Aarqeans, and using that information outside Aarqee with intentions of spamming them or providing them with unnecessary and/or bulk information and/or send threatening messages to other Aarqeans. You must also NOT impersonate Aarqee's staff or other Aarqeans.

Service Termination or Alteration

Aarqee holds the rights to terminate or alter the services it provides, temporarily or permanently, for any possible reason without liability to you or any third party involved in the services. On top of that, we also reserve the rights to terminate your account or use of the service, also, for any possible reason.

Intellectual Property Rights

Aarqee owns and has the copyright to all its contents, except all Arqwork, that include, but not limited to, text, logos, graphics, features, software and elements alike. Aarqee also owns trademarks that include without limitation "Aarqee", "Arq", "Aarqean", "Blackmarq", "Arqist" and "Arqwork". These contents and trademarks are provided to you AS IS your information and personal use only, and as part of their respective services. You are NOT to copy and make them your own, reproduce, distribute, sell, license, and/or exploit them in any way whatsoever without official (best, written), substantial, valid permission from their respective owners. If you decide to take a copy of the contents and/or trademark for you personal use, you must state the proprietary notices of those contents and/or trademarks in you personal copy to retain their copyrights and proprietary rights.


Our website and services may contain errors, bugs, limitations and/or problems or in other words not flawless. You agree and understand that your using the services provided by Aarqee and the website itself is solely at your own risk. Aarqee disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, and liability for any inaccuracies, errors and incompleteness of the contents of Aarqee, any sort of injuries, losses or damage caused from your access to and use of Aarqee and its services and/or trobles, problems or complications due to limitation and/or interruption you experience when using the website and/or our services, known or unknown bugs, viruses, worms, trojans and things alike transmitted from/to/through the website to you from either any third party or unknown sources and/or unauthorized access of our servers to any kind of information stored therein. Aarqee is also NOT liable or responsible for any third party contents displayed to you or services advertised or offered by third parties. Aarqee also has No responsibility over monitoring any transactions or opt-ins you make with third parties through our website. Aarqee also makes no warranty if the quality of the contents, services, information and/or all other materials provided to you at our website do not meet your expectations.

Limitation Of Liability

You clearly and expressly understand and agree that Aarqee will not hold any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect, substantial or non-substantial, accidental, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary problems and/or any kinds of damages which include, but not limited to, damages for the loss of profit, data, information, valuables, fame and/or any kind of tangible or intangible property or possession caused by the use or inablity to use, and/or access to the website and our services, unauthorized access to and alteration of your personal informaition and Arqworks, transmission of data and the contents of the website, any interactions between you and third parties through the website or our services, failure to comply with this Terms of Service and/or any kind of defective circumstances that can happen at Aarqee and/or due to the use of Aarqee's services.


You agree to indemnify and hold Aarqee and its owners, administrative staff members, agents, and partners harmless from any and all losses, liabilities, claims, damages, obligations, and expenses that include, but not limited to, attorney's fees resulting from the use of the website and its services, violation of this Terms of Service, infringement of trademarks and/or copyrights belonging to third parties or violating their rights, and/or any claim that the content at Aarqee that you are responsible for caused damage to a third party.

Third Party Links and Content

Aarqee may contain links to third party websites. These links include those in your Arqs and/or Arq comments. Aarqee has no control or responsibility over the contents and any other kinds of material or products of the websites those links link to. We do not evaluate or monitor those sites for their quality.

Although Aarqee provides functions that enable you as an Arqist to add links to various websites to your Arqwork, Aarqee is not responsible for the quality of those sites. Arqists are still fully responsible for the links they use for their Arqwork. Any problems, damages or complications resulting from the links included in Arqs are solely the responsibility of their respective Arqist and not Aarqee's.


These Terms of Service are governed by the laws of Malaysia without regard to its conflict of laws. Failure to enforce or practice any right or provision of these terms will NOT cause a waiver of such right or provision.

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