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  • Overview

    Here, you can find information about Arqing, being an Aarqean, tutorials and a few terms you would come across at Aarqee. Before getting started, here's a quick info about Aarqee.

    Throughout its development process, Aarqee has gone through many cross-browser tests with Internet Explorer, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Aarqee should work with Opera 9 and above and Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above. Aarqee also works with Internet Explorer 7 and above.

    • What's an Arq?

      An Arq is basically like a website. It has its contents and a list of subarqs having related content linking to it. If you look at it at a website point of view, looking at an Arq is like looking at a homepage and with a sidemenu of links to webpages of the website.

      There are 4 kinds of Arqs namely Subarqs, Parent Arqs, Child Arqs and Root Arqs. The relation between these kinds of Arqs is like how a topic can have subtopics. Subarqs are Arqs that are created from a Parent Arq. A Parent Arq is an Arq that has Subarqs. Although Parent Arqs have Subarqs, they may also be Subarqs if they were created from Parent Arqs too. Arqs that have Subarqs and do not belong to any Parent Arq is called a Root Arq. Child Arqs are Subarqs that are directly linked from a Parent Arq. In other words, Child Arqs are the 'level' of Subarqs right under a Parent Arq.

      To know more about Arqs, click here.

    • What's an Aarqean?

      An Aarqean is a member of Aarqee.

    • What's an Arqist?

      An Arqist is an Aarqean who creates Arqs. In short, Arqists are Aarqeans who arq.

    • What is Arqing?

      Arqing simply means creating arqs.

    • Is it true Arqing is easy?

      Yup! You don't know how easy unless you try it out.

  • Arqing 101

    • Creating Arqs

      To create an Arq, first, you need to become an Aarqean. And then, after you login, click 'Manage Arqs' in your control Panel.

      Manage arqs

      Then click the big button in the middle that says 'Create an arq'.

      Create an Arq

      • What do I need for my Arq?

        A Title for your Arq

        Think up a unique Title for your Arq. You can't change the Title so you got to be sure what Title you want give your Arq.

        Some Description of your Arq

        A few sentences describing your Arq or saying what it's about.

        A Category for your Arq

        Pick a category for your Arq according to what your Arq is about. After picking a Category, a list of Subcategories for the Category you picked will appear. Although it's optional, choosing Subcategories will make people know what your Arqs are about in more detail. Besides, it will also make it easier for your Arqs to be found.

        Tag your Arq

        Separate your Arq Tags with a comma (,). Tags are words or phrases about, or related to your Arq. Tagging increases the chances of your Arq appearing to people who are searching for the Arqs that are in common with yours. So remember to give your Arqs appropriate yet precise Tags.

        A Name for your Side Menu Header

        This is optional. If you type a name for this, you are actually naming this part of the Arq.


        The Side Menu is actually the list of Subarqs for your Arq. The default Side Menu Header is 'Subarqs'. Subarqs use the Side Menu Header of their Parent Arqs so this part is omitted when you create Subarqs.

        What you want to Arq about

        Now it's time to fill your Arq with your stuff. Type the contents of your Arq in the huge textbox at the bottom. You are allowed to use some HTML tags with your text. You can format your text, insert links and images and embed audios and videos too. All these can be done easily using the Arqeditor.

        After you are done typing the contents of your Arq, scroll to the bottom and click 'Create Arq' and you're done.

      • How do I use the Arqeditor?


        This is what the Arqeditor looks like. The column on the left is the control panel where you find the buttons(1) for its functions, list of allowed HTML tags(2) and a mini Help Box(3). On the right is the screen(4).

        Text editing

        To do some text editing like making your text bold, italic or underlined, you can click the buttons labeled 'B', 'I' and 'U' on the control panel at the side of the Arqeditor. For example, if you want to bold your text, click the button labeled 'B'. Then type the words you want to bold in the textbox shown on the Arqeditor screen and click 'Bold'.

        bold your text

        The text you want to bold will appear within HTML bold tags at the end of the contents of your Arq.

        bolded text at bottom

        Same applies for italicizing and underlining.

        Inserting hyperlinks

        To insert a hyperlink, click on hyperlink. Then type in the URL and the label of your link and click 'Link it!'.

        Embedding stuff

        To embed videos from video sites like YouTube, first, copy the embed code from of the video and then open the Arqeditor. Click on embed. Then paste the embed code in to the textbox shown on the Arqeditor and click 'Embed it!'.

        Image Manager


        The image manager lets you upload photos and images to include in your Arq content. To upload an image, click 'Choose' and select the picture you want to upload from your computer directory. Then click 'Upload'. The images you've uploaded are listed on the left.(5) You can click on the names of the images in the list to view their thumbnail-sized versions on the right.(6) Click on the thumbnail to view the actual size of the image. To delete the image, click on trash beside the thumbnail.
        To use the images you've uploaded in your contents, first, select the image you want to use by clicking it. Then below the thumbnail, select the contents of the textbox labeled 'HTML code'(7). Copy that and paste it where you want your image to be on your Arq.

        You are given a space limit to your image uploads. Besides that, you are only allowed to upload images that are no bigger than 80KBs.

        Other things about the Arq editor

        You can close the screen by clicking the 'x' button in the upper right corner of the Arqeditor. You will also be able to see brief descriptions in the Help Box of the things in the Arqeditor that you point to.

      • Can I edit my arq after I create it? If yes, how do I do it?


        Of course! To edit your Arq, go to 'Manage Arqs' in your Control Panel on your Aarqean Profile. A list of your Arqs will show up. In each row, you will see the name of the Arq on the left and some tiny icons on the right. To edit click the first icon.

        You'll see something similar to what you see when you create an Arq or Subarq. The only differences are there are Arq Settings located after the contents textbox and there is an 'Edit Arq Skin' form after the 'Save' button.

      • Do I do all that for Subarqs too?


        For the creating part, yes. For where you click to start, no. To create a Subarq, instead of clicking the big button labeled 'Create an arq', choose an Arq which you want to create your Subarq for from the list of your Subarqs and click the third tiny icon on the right.

      • Okay. I've got Arqs and Subarq now. What's next?

        Well, you can edit the design of your Arq Skin or tell your friends about your new Arq.

    • Designing Arqs


      Like laptops, Arqs use Skins for their design. To edit your Arq Skin, access the page where you edit your Arq and scroll down until the 'Edit Arq Skin' section below. The 'Edit Arq Skin' section is divided into 2 sections. The one on the left is filled with template Skins to choose from(1) whereas the one on the right contains the CSS code of the template or custom Skin which is currently in use(2).

      • Template or custom Arq Skin...

        Template Arq Skins

        There are 8 template Skins to choose from. To use a template Skin, choose a template Skin and click 'Save'(3) below.

        After saving, refresh your Arq. Your Arq will adopt the template design you chose immediately.
        As a reminder, every time when you choose and save a different template Skin, the CSS code of any Skin on the left (template or custom) will be replaced with the CSS of the one you chose. So if you have a custom SKin you want to keep before switching to a template Skin, be sure to copy and paste the CSS fo the custom Skin somewhere safe first.

        Custom Arq Skins

        Can't seem to find the design for your Arq? Well, then it's time to customize! To make a custom Skin for your Arq, you'll need to have at least some knowledge about CSS. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. If you are familiar with it and ready to make your custom Skin, first pick a template Skin with the CSS code you want to use as the base for your custom Skin and click 'Save'. Then make the changes you want to the CSS. Finally, don't forget to select 'Custom' on the top of the big CSS code textbox and click 'Save'.

        A custom Skin uses the CSS code of a template Skin. You can change the color and font values and resize some elements of an Arq but its layout and toolbar(4) design are fixed.


      • Inherit Arq Skins

        This option is available for Subarqs only. When you edit a Root Arq Skin you see the 'Arq Title' option. But when you edit a Subarq Skin, you don't see that option. Instead you see this:


        When this option is selected, the Subarq will use its Parent Arq's Arq Skin. So when you change the Arq Skin of the Parent Arq, the Arq Skins of its Subarqs that inherit Arq Skins will change too.

        Choosing this option is like using another Arq Skin besides a Custom Arq Skin or a Template Skin. So that means if you switch to choose to use a Template Arq Skin or Custom Arq Skin, the Subarq will not use the inherit feature.

      • Arq Header Text

        When editing the Skin for a Root Arq, you will be able to see an option under the label 'Arq Title' in the 'Edit Arq Skin' section unlike when you edit Subarq Skins.


        This option only appears for Root Arqs. If you select 'No', the title of the Arq will not show in the header of the Arq and its Subarqs.

        You can use this function if you have designed an image for your header and do not want the Arq title text to get in the way.

    • Deleting Arqs


      To delete an Arq, click 'Manage Arqs' on your Control Panel on your Aarqean Profile. You will see the list of the Arqs you have created. Choose the Arq you want to delete and click the second icon on the right.
      If you delete an Arq or a Subarq with Subarqs, all it's Subarqs will be deleted as well. So be careful when deleting Arqs.

    • Arq Settings

      You can configure your Arq Settings while editing your Arq. The Arq Settings are located under the 'Contents' textarea. Arq Settings are different for each individual Arq.


      The rest of the options will display comments except for the last one which says: 'Don't allow or show comments for this Arq'. Selecting the first option will allow anyone to leave a comment on your Arq. Selecting the second option, on the other hand, will allow ONLY Aarqeans to comment on your Arq.

    • Arqs

        Need to know what an Arq is? Click here.

      • Arq Stats

        Arq Stats basically means Arq Status. The Arq Stats show information about an Arq like the number of views it has, when it was created, its rating etc. To view the Arq Stats of an Arq, click 'Manage Arqs' on your Control Panel. You will be able to access the Arq Stats by clicking the last icon on the right of each Arq.


        When you click that icon, you will see a dropdown like this:


        On the left, you will see the Arq Rating, number of views, the date and time the Arq was created and the Category of the Arq. Towards the right, you will see the list of Aarqeans who Favored that particular Arq. The number of Aarqeans who Favored the Arq is stated at the top of the list(1). You can click the navigational arrows(2) at the sides of the list to see the previous or next 30 or the rest of the Aarqeans who Favored the Arq.

      • Arq Rating


        How do I Rate an Arq?

        When you view an Arq, you will be able to see a Rating Bar on the right(3). The Rating Bar has 5 dots. Click smaller dots if you want to give a low Rating and larger dots if you want to give a higher Rating. The Arq Rating is indicated by the Rating Bar located before the contents of the Arq(4). Hovering over it will show the Arq Rating as a tooltip.

        Only Aarqeans are allowed to rate Arqs. The And an Aarqean is only allowed to rate one particular Arq once a day.

        How It Works

        Arq Ratings range from 1 to 5. They can fluctuate differently from Arq to Arq. How high/low an Arq Rating is depends on how many low Ratings and high Ratings an Arq has been given. The more high Ratings an Arq gets, the higher its Arq Rating will be.

        The highest Arq Rating is 5. When an Arq gets a '5' Arq Rating, it gets a Star Rating. A Star Rating is actually the best Rating. The number of Star Ratings of an Arq is shown on the left on a yellow star(5).

        Rating Subarqs will affect the Arq Rating of its Parent Arq and all the way up to the Root Arq. This means that if one of your Subarqs gets a low Rating, the Ratings of the Arqs before it will be decreased as well. So to maintain a good Arq Rating for an Arq, especially one that has Subarqs, it's necessary that its Subarqs have good Arq Ratings too.

        On the other hand however, rating a Root Arq will not affect the Arq Rating of its Subarqs.

      • Comments

        Arqs can have comments. Arq comments are located a the end of the contents of an Arq. Arqists can configure the comment settings of their Arqs when they edit them. Arqists can choose to allow anyone or only Aarqeans to leave comments on their Arqs, or not to display Arq comments at all. Only the Arqist of an Arq is able to remove Arq comments.

        I can't see the characters in the image validation!

        If the characters in the image are not clear, just click 'Post Comment'. Although it tells you that your image validation code is incorrect, your comment you typed in won't be lost.

      • Blackarqs

        Blackarqs are Arqs that have been Blackmarqed for violating certain Arqing rules(read Terms and Conditions for further details). The contents of these Arqs will not be displayed to its visitors.

        Can I clear the 'Black' off my Blackarq?

        It is possible to get your Arq back to normal again depending on the situation your Blackarq is in. You can email us to tell us about the situation and we might review your Blackarq.

  • The Aarqean World

    An Aarqeans is actually a person who has an account at Aarqee. You can sign up to become one for free. Aarqeans who create Arqs are called Arqists. Besides creating Arqs, Aarqeans can interact with other Aarqeans too.

    • Aarqean Profile Page

      This is what an Aarqean Profile Page looks like:


      • Where's my Control Panel?

        You can only see the Control Panel on your Profile Page after you log in, The Control Panel is located right below the Profile Header.(1) On your Control Panel, you will see buttons to some functions towards the left and your Disk Space on the right(2).

        What's that disk space thing on the right?

        It is the amount of space you have used to store the images you uploaded using the Image Manager. You can hover over it to see how many percent (%) of the disk space is used.

      • How do I edit my account information?

        Click 'Edit account info' on the Control Panel of your Aarqean Profile Page. Your account information is on the right.

      • How do I edit my Profile Photo(Aarqean Avatar)?

        To upload your Profile Photo, click 'Edit account info' on the Control Panel of your Aarqean Profile Page. On the left, choose a picture you want to use and click 'Upload'. To change it, just choose a new picture and upload it. If you change your mind and choose not to have an Aarqean Avatar, click the 'Remove' button.

      • Can I edit my Aarqean Profile Design too?

        Sure! To edit your Aarqean Profile Design, click 'Edit Profile Design' on your Control Panel. You will see something like this...


        ...which is similar to what you see when you edit your Arq Skin.

        Like Arqs, Aarqean Profile Pages have Skins too. On the left, are the template Profile Skins and on the right are the CSS code for a custom Skin and the Image Manager.

        Template Profile Skin

        To use a template Profile Skin, select a Skin and click 'Save Changes'. Then click 'View Profile' if you want to view your Profile Page with the newly selected Profile Skin.

        Be careful when choosing to use a template Skin especially when you are currently using a custom Profile Skin. This is because when you switch from Skin to Skin, the CSS code will be replaced everytime. So if you are currently using a custom Skin and choose to switch to a template Skin, the CSS code of your custom Skin will be replaced with the CSS code of the template Skin. So if you want to keep the CSS code of your custom Skin, be sure to copy and paste it somewhere safe first.

        Custom Profile Skin

        To create a custom Skin, first, you need to select a template Skin and click 'Save changes'. The CSS code of the template Skin will replace the code in the textbox on the right. After that, make the changes to the CSS code the way you want your custom Profile Skin to look and then don't forget to select 'Custom' towards the upper-left above the textbox. And then click 'Save changes' again.

        Profile Header

        Like Arq Headers, you can also hide your Username in your Aarqean Profile Header. To do that, access your Edit Profile Design page and under 'Header Settings', select 'No' and then click 'Save changes'.

    • Messaging Aarqeans

      • How do I send messages to my fellow Aarqeans?

        To send messages to other Aarqeans, first, access your Profile Page and click 'Contact Aarqean' on your Control Panel.


        Then enter the name of the Aarqean you want to message or choose an Aarqean you Buddied from your Buddy list. Enter a subject for your message and your message and click 'Send message'. Your message will be sent provided the Aarqean you message wants to receive messages.

        Quick Messaging

        You can also send a message by Quick Messaging an Aarqean. To Quick Message, access the Profile Page of the Aarqean you want to message and click 'Contact me' in the Interact Panel. A Quick message popup will appear(1).

        Enter the subject of your message and your message and click 'Send message'. The message will be sent if the Aarqean you are messaging wants to receive messages.

        To protect against spamming, Aarqeans are only allowed to send a message per hour.

      • Messaging options

        Aarqeans can choose not to receive message. To do that, access your 'Edit Account Info' page. Beside 'Other Options', uncheck the textbox for the option that says 'Allow Aarqeans to contact me'.

    • Favoring & Buddying

      You can Favor and Buddy using the Interact Panel.

      • Where's the Interact Panel?

        When you are logged in, you will see a Control Panel on your Profile Page. On other Aarqean's Profile Pages, you will see an Interact Panel instead of your Control Panel.

      • What is Favoring?

        Favoring is adding the Arqs and Aarqeans you favor to your Favored Lists. The first 5 of your Favored Arqs and Aarqeans are shown on your Profile Page(1).


        Favoring Arqs

        To Favor an Arq, click 'Favor this arq' located in the left column where the Subarq Menu is on the Arq.

        It will be added to your list of Favored Arqs after you Favor it. To view all your Favored Arqs, click 'View All'(3) on the top of the list of the first 5 of your Favored Arqs. All your Favored Arqs will be displayed in the center of your Profile Page(2):


        Unfavoring Arqs

        To Unfavor an Arq, click on unfavor on the right of the Arq you want to Unfavor.

        Favoring Aarqeans

        To Favor an Aarqean, access the Profile Page of the Aarqean you want to favor and in the Interact Panel, click 'Favor me'. The Aarqean you Favored will be added to your list of Favored Aarqeans. The 'Favor me' button will then show 'Unfavor me' instead.

        Similar to viewing all your Favored Arqs, click 'View All'(4) on the top of the list of the first 5 of your Favored Aarqeans located beside the list of the first 5 of your Favored Arqs on you Profile Page to view all your Favored Aarqeans.

        Unfavoring Aarqeans

        To Unfavor an Aarqean, you can either go to the Profile Page of the Aarqean you want to Unfavor and click 'Unfavor me' in the Interact Panel or click 'View all'(4), and click unfavor to the right of the name of the Aarqean you want to Unfavor.

        Can I know who Favored me?

        Yes. To see who Favored you, click 'View all'(4). The list of your Favored Aarqeans will appear in the center of your Profile Page. And then click this:


        The list of the Aarqeans who Favored you will appear in the center of your Profile Page.

      • What is Buddying?

        Buddying is like adding an Aarqean as a friend.

        Buddying Aarqeans

        It's similar to Favoring Aarqeans just that you click 'Buddy me' instead in the Interact Panel. After Buddying, the 'Buddy me' will change to 'Unbuddy me' and the Aarqean you just Buddied will be added to your Buddy list.

        On your Profile Page, your first 24 Buddies are displayed under your Favored Lists on the right of your Profile Page. To view all your Buddies, click 'View all'.


        Buddying makes it easier for you to contact Aarqeans. You can choose the Aarqean you want to contact from your Buddy list when you access your 'contact Aarqean' form.

        Unbuddying Aarqeans

        Unbuddying is similar to Unfavoring an Aarqean. You can either access the Profile Page of the Aarqean you want to Unbuddy and click 'Unbuddy me' or click 'View all' to view all your Buddies, and click unfavor to the right of the name of the Aarqean you want to Unbuddy.

        Can I know who Buddied me?

        Sure. The process is similar to what you do to view who Favored you just that, on your Profile Page, you click the 'View all' on your Buddies List instead of the one on your Favored Aarqean List.

    • Blackmarqing

      Blackmarqing gives you the chance to help eliminate inappropriate, spammy, derogatory Arqs that you don't want to see here at Aarqee. Blackmarqing is like reporting to us about a suspicious Arq. Blackmarqing an Arq will make that Arq a Blackarq. You can Blackmarq an Arq if you find that it matches any of these descriptions:

      Contains adult content

      Arqs that contain explicit sexual adult content, nudity, pornography or links to site with such content.


      Deceptive Arqs are Arqs created by Arqist that attempt to trick people into viewing their Arqs. Such Arqs are usually given catchy Arq Titles or popular Tags that are not related to their contents that can mislead viewers. Some are even put under wrong categories either on purpose or accidentally. Some of these Arqs may also have links to sites that contain things that are not related to them at all.

      Duplicates content

      The contents of the Arq are copied exactly from other sites.


      Spammy Arqs are Arqs that focuses on promoting one particular thing. Arqs like these have recurring text and might be flooded with a same link.

      Promotes gambling and swindling

      Arqs that offer money gambling or swindling information and promotes them. This kind of Arq could likely have links to gambling sites too.

      Empty, meaningless or useless

      These Arqs are Arqs that have no particular content or no content at all. As a result, these Arqs can me meaningless and useless to whoever's viewing it.


      Arqs can be Blackmarqed for being not just any of those kind of Arqs stated above. If you find that an Arq violates Aarqee's Terms and Conditions of Arqing in any way, you can also Blackmarq it.

      • How do I Blackmarq an Arq?

        When you come across an Arq that fits any of the descriptions above, click the Blackmarq link(1) located in the right column of that Arq.


        After you click it, you will see this:


        Choose why you Blackmarq that Arq and if possible, give some description of the Blackarq and some other details. Then type in the validation code and click 'Blackmarq'. The Arq you just Blackmarqed will become a Blackmarq. The Blackarq will then be reviewed and will be handled appropriately according to our terms and conditions.

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