Aarqee is a website of websites. It is a place where thoughts and ideas are expressed and shared. It can also be a place of information, or a community of people from places from all over the world!

It all started from The Thought that many other people out there had. The Thought that building a website was a painstacking and tedious job. And what more to say maintaining a website. Some could ignore it but most of them were discouraged by The Thought. Those having The Thought often wished that having a website could have never been easier. The Thought lingered in the minds of people until one day when it pondered in a different mind. In this Mind, it triggered something that could possibly cause it to be overcome and help those suffering form The Thought to finally have courage and find peace in being apart of the vast Internet. That something was an Idea. However, that Idea was just an abstract manifestation of the Mind, not powerful enough to eliminate The Thought. Therefore, with the Idea as the essence, the Mind created within the Internet a digital space free from The Thought. A digital space called Aarqee.

Well, that's about it in Aarqean. Aarqee is simply a website where you can easily create website-looking pages called Arqs. Aarqee wasn't made by some company. It was made by me, a web-programming geek who wanted to make website-making easier for everybody. I decided to call these website-looking pages things Arqs because of the abstract concept that common websites have that looked sort of like an arc to me - the pattern formed when indentation of links get deeper down a website side menu list. And at that time, I had a website called Aarqee.com which wasn't pretty much put to use because, well having a website is a rather tedious job when it comes to making and updating it. I hear that a lot from of my friends and relatives too. And for those who do not know web-programming very well, making websites is just rocket science.
The name "Aarqee" (pronounced as "Aar-ki") is just some random name which was unique enough that I thought of for my website. Since "Aarqee" had the "arc" sound in it, I decided to use my website for that concept. But then I thought to myself, "Wouldn't that be back to square one where I would make a website that I'll have to update every now and then?" I just had to figure something out. So in the end, I decided to get a little geekier and make a system for Aarqee that can be used easily to make webpages. And the special thing about these webpages is they have the concept of a webpage. To me, in that case, that isn't a webpage and neither is it really a website. Thus, I decided to call that an Arq.
Personally, I think Aarqee would be a big help to me. Consequently, I made Aarqee for everyone hoping that I could land a hand to those like me out there.

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